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Why Minimalism?

In a world full of chaos, our homes should be a sanctuary, a place of peace and calmness, a place that allows us to unwind from our daily routines.

As we’ve probably all seen lately, minimalism is very trendy on social media. Beautiful and simple interiors seem to be taking over my feed. Well-curated and intentional décor items or furniture are placed in these spaces. In my opinion, they look so calming.

As I’ve been researching the minimalist lifestyle, I’ve learned that being a minimalist doesn’t mean you have an empty home and have to juggle an outfit with only 10 items of clothing. It’s a lifestyle where you have exactly what you need and own the things that make you happy. The quantity of belonging depends on each person.

For someone like me, who has a slight obsession with shopping, note the word "slight" being an understatement. I thought being a minimalism was something impossible to attain.

But, this last year, I noticed I was feeling more stressed. It was taking me a long time to clean and organize my home on a daily basis. My regular daily routines were taking me 2 - 3 hours, by the time I was done I was exhausted. Also, knowing I have stuff just sitting in drawers and in closets is something that's always on the back of my mind. At some point in time I loved them but they no longer give me that same feeling, hence the reason they're not being used.

I then realized, that this desperately needs to change!

I started to wonder. I'm an interior designer and I mostly work on minimalist interiors. If I can

design it for others, why can’t I have it?

I have to set my own example, right?

Staging homes is about making the house feel beautiful and harmonious. Helping potential buyers visualize living in that home. A visually busy home, even if well styled, will be less likely to sell. It will most certainly make people feel overwhelmed and not be able to see the home for its true potential!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a maximalist style! But, for me, at this stage of my life, that doesn’t work anymore.

I am currently on week 3 of my minimalist journey and so far, I’ve been feeling a lot lighter. Mentally and physically. I’ve donated so many things in the past three weeks that I'm very surprised that I was able to let go of them emotionally.

Minimalism is not only about decluttering, it’s a whole change of mindset and lifestyle. I’ve also changed my spending habits, I started journaling, meditating right after I wake up, and just pushing myself to live a happier life by not overreacting to everyday stressors.

Being a minimalist is not as hard as you think. I believe you have to put your mind to it. Find as much information and support methods, like YouTube videos or blog posts, to embrace this lifestyle. The feeling of decluttering can be extremely overwhelming, but what makes it fun for me is focusing on that final feeling of relief. I promise that feeling is a lot more satisfying than knowing all that stuff is being stored in your home and in your mind!

Follow along on TikTok, where I will be talking about my minimalist journey and what spaces I declutter. Week 1 and week 2

Buenas vibras!

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Join the mailing list. No spam from me! 

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Join the mailing list. No spam from me! 

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