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Decorating with honey-colored furniture

As sad as this can sound, honey-colored furniture and cabinets are outdated.

The color is just a clear reminder of our days in the 90s, just like many other home décor items and finishes that remind us of grandma's kitchen.

But hold your horses. Just because it's outdated doesn’t mean you have to run to the furniture store and buy something new or head over to Home Depot to get some (typical) white paint.

As an aspiring minimalist, It would be irresponsible of me to tell you to get rid of everything in that color. So I decided to write this blog to help you elevate, those so dreaded, honey tones!

As it was back in the days, it was typical to buy everything to match. Coffee table with side tables, nightstands with the dresser and headboard, you get the gist. Of course, some things you can get rid of (donate or sell) just so you can step away from the perfectly matching interiors which give it away as outdated. A well-designed space does NOT have to match, I repeat, DOES NOT have to MATCH!

This project I did in Imperial Beach in California just needed a little refresh and something that looked modern and clean. They really wanted to show a relaxing beach vibe since they are literally a few steps from the ocean.

The first thing was to get rid of all the décor and bedding. It is important to see the canvas you’re working with.

Seeing your space clutter and color free makes it easier to get inspired.

Sometimes furniture like this can really take away from everything else in the space and being able to see it all empty will make it a lot easier to visualize the potential they can have.

I considered the most important thing was to choose a neutral palette that would elevate the space and make it open and fresh. At the end of the page, you'll see I incorporated a lot of whites, beiges, and of course contrasting colors in blues and black.

In these before pictures, there's a lot of colors and patterns going on and these only added to that "tacky" look that honey furniture gives. Please note, that I do not mean tacky to offend anyone's taste, but from a visual point of view, when you want to achieve a certain aesthetic, its necessary to get rid of items that will not achieve your desired style or feel .

So after I removed almost everything and added a few decorative items, new art, white bedding, neutral throw pillows, a couple of rugs, and of course some plants, I think the space looks just like what they wanted.

A serene space that reminds you of the beach, where you can feel comfortable opening your windows and quite literary feel the ocean breeze.

Remember interior design is not just how it looks, its about how it makes you feel.

Buenas vibas,



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