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Christmas Inspired Vintage Tree Ornaments


So, last week I unfortunately had a flat tire and had to go get it replaced. It was going to be about a two hour wait so I decided to wander in the most dangerous place, Target.

I had told myself I wasn’t going to buy more Christmas decorations because I am trying to be more minimalist in my holiday décor, or maybe I just feel a little extra Grinchy this year. This last sentence is going thought my mind the whole time I am walking through the isles. But mysteriously, I find myself in the Christmas section.

My eyes are trying to not focus on anything specific, and I think to myself, "ok I'm just browsing". But, in the corner of my eye something shiny sparkled. As soon as turned to see what it was, I saw these beautiful ornaments by Wondershop, in that moment I knew I was doomed.

If you know me personally, you know I love anything gold, sparkly and shiny. But the fact that they look like vintage brass was just a done deal for me. They had so many different designs in these ornaments even more than any other in the store. I am very surprised there was all these left as the shelves were practically empty.

As I looked closer and closer they also reminded me of brass decorations from Mexico. They have a very Mexican inspired design even the dove looks like the ones hand painted into talavera ceramics.

The tree topper was definitely a highlight. The beautiful angel with a tromped also looks vintage and has a Mexican flair to its design with the floral wings.

If you come across these in store or online I would 100% recommend these if you are a vintage fan, or want something to remind of you Mexico or if you just like anything gold.

Watch the TikTok below to see them!

Part of enjoying the holidays is finding new cute items to decorate our homes that reminds us of this special season. Happy Holidays!

Click on the link below for these items.

LTK (like to know it) is an app that allows consumers to shop items suggested by their favorite creators. If you purchase through this link I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

Thank you for your support.

Always good vibes,


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Join the mailing list. No spam from me! 

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Join the mailing list. No spam from me! 

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